June 12, 2012

An Example of a Low Residue Diet Menu

low residue diet menu
Meal planning of itself can be very difficult for the average person but when you enter a low residue diet it becomes a huge source of frustration. With some planning and a low residue diet menu it will be easy to stay on top of your diet. The following is just an example of what your breakfast, lunch and dinner will look like for your typical day on the diet. If you want to try something new and break from the monotony you can also purchase a few cookbooks to get a few low residue diet recipes.


Start the day with your favorite cup of decaf coffee and include your sugar and cream if that takes your fancy. Follow that with a cup of apple, cranberry or orange juice (no pulp), a bowl of cream of wheat and scrambled eggs on toast, pancakes or waffles (no whole grain). This is as simple as it gets for breakfast. This important thing is to leave out whole grain foods like whole wheat breads, brands and fruits with skin and seeds.


An appetizing lunch of white rice prepared anyway you want, baked chicken and a side of green beans can be prepared. Other lunch options include a tossed salad made from baked chicken, lettuce, cheese (American or Swiss) and a rich salad dressing without seeds or perhaps a hamburger made from a plain white bun, roast beef and dressed with mayonnaise, ketchup and tomatoes without the seeds.


How does pork tenderloin over white rice with sides of baked potatoes (sans skin), cooked carrots and a hot roll dripping with butter sound? It sure does not sound like a diet but you can certainly enjoy this meal guilt free while on your low residue diet. If you’re in the mood for seafood you can opt for broiled fish with white rice and spinach, yummy!

Making Your Low Residue Diet Menu Personal

There are many foods that are on the “foods to avoid” list that may not be particularly irritating to you. Try using a little at a time and see if there are any adverse reactions. If not you can continue using those foods in small amounts. What may affect one person may not affect another and it is up to you to discover what your triggers are in order to make your diet and menu personal for you. This will help you to keep track to have a better idea of what works so you are using a personalized list rather than the one size fit all solution.

Since the majority of people do not normally eat high fiber foods a low residue diet can be quite simple to adopt. In contract it can be quite difficult for someone who naturally gravitates to high fiber foods. All in all you should try to restrict the amount of time you spend on this diet so that you can return to giving your body the nutrients and fiber that it needs.


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